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‘i want to stop big problems before they happen’

When Aubrey Menarndt ’08 arrived at Smith, she knew only that she wanted to change the world. Guidance from professors—along with some exceptional opportunities—helped her see how she could do just that. Today, as a consultant in Washington, D.C., for Deloitte, she focuses on governance issues in countries whose economies are driven primarily by extractive industries, such as oil, gas and mining.

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a pride story like no other

The 2008 graduate of Smith College has been focused on finding ways on improving people’s lives — and she has been doing that all over the world. In the last several years, Menarndt has lived, studied and traveled in the United Kingdom, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, West Africa, and Mongolia, working as a consultant on projects both to improve economic development and make that development beneficial to local populations.

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young mongols video series spotlights leaders of tomorrow

Aubrey Menarndt didn’t come to Mongolia with the intention of creating Young Mongols, a 10-episode video series spotlighting young, innovate Mongolians. An American-born Luce Scholar with a career in mining governance, Menarndt arrived in Mongolia nearly a year ago to complete a fellowship not knowing exactly what to expect.